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Posted by on Feb 12, 2014 in Announcements | 53 comments

Putlocker Is Now FireDrive

As you all may know, there’s not been a single upload on from last two days, it’s because of the fact that, is now

Seems like they have also followed in the footsteps of Rapidshare and made another cloud storage platform.The basic limitation for FREE user account is only 500MB file size support which basically leaves no choice to upload movies.Also, uploading tools still have to provide support for firedrive.

In the meantime, try all other hosts, they’re good too but, be careful not to install any unwanted software, un-tick it whenever any file host want you to download a file manager or stuff like that. You don’t need to download any external software to download from any of the links.

P.S – Will try firedrive in future!



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  1. I only downloaded from the following, but Putlocker ( tightened up to a commercial site:***(

    …And when all else fails:

    All except allows free direct downloading of original uploaded quality AVI/MKV/MP4/DIVX files.

    I guess one day I’ll return to Putlocker’s when cash flows nicely again as it once did. :)

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  2. good job encoding and uploading files bro.i am a long visitor to this site.
    looks like PL is not dead afterall , just a quick deleter of files.
    Blesss Micromkv and u

  3. Are we going to be able to use FireDrive on the ps3 though movie25

    • yes. yes you can watch movie on a ps3.

    • Wait. I can watch putlocker videos on playstation? How?

      • don’t know.

    • in response to the question will we be able to use putlocker on ps3. it doesn’t look like it. i tried and it doesn’t seem to work for ps3. i also read that sockshare will be doing the same thing soon. thanks a lot putlocker. way to alienate a ton of ps3 users!

      • Amen to that!!!

  4. why not use its support big files as movies and its direct download like putlocker

  5. You can use and

    • Not working!

      • hmmmmm is working and is exactly old site but how can that be?

  6. Most of the other hosts other than putlocker are kind of speed restricted by my isp…How bout sockshare..It stills works right

  7. Why don’t you try ‘’. It’s similar to Putlocker i think.

    • Sockshare is absolutely the same. When you reach daily limit on putlocker it effects on sockshare too. It’s host from the same company as putlocker.

  8. Admin for free users they are giving 1GB not 500mb nd also all previous putlocker links r wrking

  9. Well thanks for the notice but would u mind still upload tv series on firedrive as well since its the only link that i can download from all others are misbehaving with my isp.
    i would be rly glad thanks

    • Will try later!

  10. is much better i think !!

    • Yes.

  11. Hi again,

    Also just wondered if you could let your users know that some download sites are now displaying even more cunning adverts to try and trick downloaders.

    The latest one I came across tonight in fact, actually shows the download box with the little tick box that many users would ‘untick’ to make sure nothing else is downloaded. However the actual full box is one complete re-direct/download and the tick box is actually part of the banner. Just be careful…

    I’ve seen your work on this site – try and keep up the good work.

    ;-) Xander

    • Use JDownloader and paste all download links into that.
      It handles all the crap, clicks the right boxes and does the download, maybe asks you to do the captcha if it can’t work it out. (It can do simple ones.) It can even handle multi-downloads like,, etc.

    • None in particular, just be careful.

  12. Old putlocker links still work. Download page on Firedrive looks similar to mediafire. I think it will be good for small rips. 165-200MB.

    • Will see, later!

  13. Important Info

    Just thought I would share some info regarding browser hijacks etc.
    I’m a regular user of Firefox and was recently caught out by a misleading download box (believe me I’ve been using the internet for years so should know the do’s and dont’s of being careful when trying to download something for free).

    Anyway, I was on the verge of resetting my Firefox back to defaults when I stumbled across a couple of things which helped me out.

    about:support (for info on locating your profile folder)
    about:config (for searching for offending references

    I was infected by Conduit.Search and no matter what I tried I could not get it removed from my listed search engines on the toolbar. After downloading ‘Malwarebytes Anti-Malware’ (FREE version) that helped locate some of the offending pieces of code and the rest was manual through doing the above.

    Keys to getting rid of it under about:config are to search for things like…
    ‘name of malware/virus’ ‘search’ etc and reset any of the search engines to default ‘right-click’ then ‘user settings’

    Hope this helps out any Firefox Users…

    • Thanks.

  14. Ahhh that sucks big time it was such a great site and only one I ever used!! Things don’t last forever is very true. :(

    • Why do you want to use putlocker? They ruined files i mean you upload something and they convert it to a flash file unless you uploaded a m4v file then it would leave it untouched. BUt cartoons especially would be very blocky and sometimes it would take a 400MB file and shrink it to less then 100MB. I quit uploading after i realized just how bad the files were there.

      Why not try or Both from the same provider but when you upload to one it puts the file on about 4 different places so depending on the server load you can pick where to stream at that time for the least amount of buffering. works well and and there are tons of others. I see files on all these when im watching tv and movies. 180 is 5Gb epic and mega are 10Gb file and billion is 3Gb and billion limits your total upload to 300Gb but if you fill it you can ask for more or you can just upload to another account there is nothing stoping you from making more then 1.

      It just bugs me people upload good file to pulocker or sockshare and so on and if the movie has DTS or DD5.1 they will ruin the file and change it to stereo and also the quality is degraded.

    • yes, thy dont

  15. thanks mate

  16. Hello!

    Thanks for your links.

    A little question: why not use MEGA.CO.NZ? Is fast and has a lot of space too.


    • There are issues with firefox and Mega. I asked how it works and they said ” Firefox is not the same, it uses the IndexedDB as a workaround hack to serve downloads.” In Chrome, Mega uses the fileSystem API, which basically writes the file to a sandboxed section of your local file system: AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\File System\ The download is the movement from that directory to the download folder. In Fx you have to delete the IndexedDB every download other wise the file will not transfer to the download folder.

      • There is a very small and easy addon that enables usage with Firefox. It has been around for a while.

      • Thanks for the info!

  17. Will this make all their previous putlocker links void?

    • they must be deleted by now.

  18. I think you mean

    • Yes, sir.

  19. or ?!!!

    • yes, fire.

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